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I was down in Zona Norte this week and ran into Yolanda from this doc and she told me many people the past year have spotted her “from that YouTube video” and hired her as a guide for the area.

She’s basically a good woman, down-and-out, and if you do need a guide to find what you want or keep out of danger areas, do hire her. She’s easy to find.

Mainly, I was tickled that people watching my doc would remember her and tell her. I may do a follow-up interview with her as she has a lot of great stories.



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I haven’t updated since the completion of the doc last year. There was some talk of expanding into a feature doc but that has not happen.

After screening at Cannes 2009, the doc has been screened at a couple of other internationa film fests and has been viewed by tens of thousands on Youtube and CNN iReport.

Kermit Succumbs to Swine Flu; Body Found in Tijuana

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dead-kermitMay 1st: The body of the revered Muppet was found in a Tijuana alley known as La Choulia in the Zona Norte district. Early reports suggest he succumbed to an especially virulent case of the H1N1 variant of influenza, commonly known as swine flu. No suspects. Miss Piggy missing. Parents urged to keep their Muppets indoors until further notice.


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Final edit of “Life in Zona Norte” done — uploaded to producer and mailed off to Cannes.

On to the next project — may do a doc on the homeless “tent cities” in downtown San Diego.

Swine Flu

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I guess it’s good we shot the doc before the swine flu broke out in Mexico…although we wonder if Obama did not carry it down there¬†last week in a black ops operation.

Cannes, Watermelon, etc.

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I have been alotted a two week all access pass to Cannes, but I cannot go. ¬†(1) Time and projects here (2) funds and (3) no renewed passport factor in, plus, like Sundance, I’d rather attend Cannes when I have a feature flm in competition…whenever that day may come…

I want to screen a longer version of this doc at the San Diego Flm Festival, where my fictioin feaure, The Watermelon, had its debut last September, and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray through Celebrity Video Distrib. in July.

Almost There

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Need to make some minor adjustments to the doc, then it gets shipped offto Cannes for scrutiny at the Short Film Corner.