Flagged at Customs and Border Patrol

picture-004Today, for the first time ever, I was sent to secondary at the border when returning from Tijuana. This was in the foot traffic section. I was told I had been “flagged” yet they would not tell me why. The guy at secondary punched some stuff in the computer and said, “This is for your own best interest.” Still, he would not say why I had been flagged.

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before.

Also, there was hardly a line, like two weeks ago, and hardly any cars going back in, which was weird, there are always a long line of cars…I asked one agent about this and he said, “Don’t know, something is going on.”

Tijuana is becoming more and more of a ghost town. National news claims that some drug cartels are merging — instead of fighting each other, they are joining forces to fight the Mexican army and the U.S. troops in the Texas/Arizona regions. It’s big money — like any two big competing companies, sometimes it is more profitable to consolidate


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