The Start

hem21I have been given the green light/micro grant to shoot a short documentary film for Real Ideas Studio for a program of international short docs that will be screened at Cannes Film Festival this May.

The doc will be about lives in Tijuana’s zona norte — the street vendors, the street walkers, the children playing in the gutter…an extension of the research I did in my book and continued research I have been doing for the San Diego Reader and for another book I am working on. A short doc seems like a logical extension. I am keeping a separate blog here to chronicle the process of making this little film.

My camera person/editor is Chris Morrow who has taken photos for many of my Reader articles and other things. This may be a dangerous project, which is another reasons why I want to maintain this blog, in case “something” happens.

If for some reason this blog is not updated through March, April, and May, something happened. We have to get the film in by May 1 for the festival, which is Mid-may. It’s supposed to only be 5-min. That may seem easy, but the difficulty will be what NOT to put in to make the time.


2 Responses to “The Start”

  1. Hello, I stumbled upon this and I am intrigued I don’t know the perspective you will take but still I would like to one day see the documentary. I lived in Zona Norte for quite a while. I lived on Primera y Cinco de Mayo atop a farmacy (I don’t know if its still there). I made a lot of friends in the neighborhood and I also went to school there, momentarily. It wasn’t until I left that I learned of what it is to live there. I saw the prostitutes on my way to church but thought nothing of it. Tijuana is a place that saw me grow but that as every day passes I cannot remember it without thinking of insecurity and fear.

  2. Al Suarez Says:

    I’ve been down there many a times as a tourist doing the things a young man might do…
    Anyhow, I was there a few times and always wondered about the folks that live and work there (Zona Roja in TJ).
    I look forward to see more of your work. Good luck!

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