350 More Agents Sent to Border

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland, and Obama announced they will increase the number of agents on the border.

Illegal aliens coming in has gone down, because of the lack of low wage jobs in this economy, but the drug cartel violence is spilling over into the states, more in the Texas/Arizona borderlines, where violence and kidnappings have spilled over.

“The violence is cartels against cartels, and against law enforcemnt,” U.S. Attorney Janet Napalitano told Neal Cavuto on Fox News today, “not cartels against tourists,” admonishing that Spring breakers  in Mexico stay in designated tourist spots so they won’t meet any unfortunate incidents.

Is it only a matter of time before all this finds its way into San Diego and various communities?  Or is it hype?  Many residents in Tijuana says it’s all hype, that the violence in the city is relegated to certain areas (such as Zona Norte), no different from any large city’s bad zones (such as San Diego’s Logan Heights/Skyline, or L.A.’s East L.A. or Compton, both areas where your average middle clsass white person would most likely be robbed/raped/killed, and would only be there “looking for trouble”).  Some comments on my Reader article reflected this; others reflected has experiences: robbed by corrupt TJ cops, etc.

Is this more fear infused by the gov. to maintain “control” and to move troops into civilian areas?

This is true, from observation and experience: Tijuana is a ghost town, people are deserpate to get money down there, the cops are corrupt and rob Americans, the city is like Vaghdad with troops and heavily armed Federales patroling all over.  I began my research in November, 2006 and have watched things get considerably worse and dire.

As for what all this has to do with my documentary, it has everything to do with it: how your average person lives with, and makes a living, and finds meaning, in this environment within Tijuana’s most volitile sector of the city: Zona Norte.


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