Dry Run and Censorship


Chris Morrow and I made a quick dry run trip down to Tijuana just to get a feel for the atmosphere. We didn’t go to Zona Norte, not yet, just the commerce area around the border entrance. The cars coming and going weren’t as scare as two weeks ago.  

We got some footage that can be used as intro and b-roll: kids selling candy, digging through trash, beggars, a mangy dog walking on three legs (he must have been hit by a car), traffic shots.

No hassle with the customs agents this time (they didn’t run my ID).

borderOn the bridge going back, however, taking some shots of the cars going in and out, with lone uniformed solider with a rifle standing by the entrance, two private security guys on the bridge told Chris she had to erase what she was shooting. These were not gov. agents, CBP agents, Homeland, or whatever, but Wakenhut security guys (probably one of the most questionable agencies around, next to Blackwater). We complied, not wanting to cause any problems for ourselves. I said we had Press IDs but they said w ehad to have an apprival letter from FPS (Federal Protection Services) to photograph anything via the bridge and within a certain area.

Later, we figured we could have claimed freedom of press, censorship, etc. etc. Next time we’ll look out for them.

But let this blog be public note: the U.S. government has hired private security to usurp the First Amendment on the border.




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