Las Parditas, or “streetwalkers”


Typical street hooker in Zona Norte, known as “las parditas.” NOTE: it is illegcal to take photos of las parditas; who knows why, but my guess is that the city gov. does not want these images disseminated, it gives Tijuana a bad rep, and that a good number of these women are not there by their own free will, and some of them are under 18.  The age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12, but that is meant for kids having sex with each other; supposedly, the age for hooking is 18 in Zona Norte, but I have seen young women 15-16 years old standing on the street or working brotels.  Inside the clubs, the typical age is 19-25.


In front of one of the clubs.  There are many hotels adjacent to the clubs, usually for $11/half an hour.  You can get a room for about $35 a night next to Adelita’s or the Hotel Cascadas next to the Hong Kong Club, where many of the dancers/prostitutes rent rooms.  Many of them come from other cities or Mexican states. They will work two weeks, make money, and go home for two weeks; or if they live in Tijuana, they will rent a room out for 3 days or so, work clients out of the room, and then go back home with money.  I have found that many of them are single mothers, and their families do not know what they do exactly.

However, prostitution is not illegal and does not have the social/cultural stigma associated with it, as in the States, even for a country that is pre-dominantly Catholic.  Catholic guilt seems to take  a backseat to survival and necessity.

I discuss this matter in depth in my ethnography of the sex workers here.


One Response to “Las Parditas, or “streetwalkers””

  1. mihel torres Says:

    Your facts and figures are very inaccurate: Photography is legal in any public place in Mexico…though Police in Zona Norte might try to extort money, telling you it is illegal. Age of consent varies from state to state in Mexico, and is not for “young people to have sex”, it is for the purpose of marriage

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