maricahiWe’re filimng today, as we are on the wire and behind schedule to get this in to the prodco for Cannes next month.

We’re supposed to have an escort from the Baja Cali Stae Troopers, to make sure we don’t run into any trouble with the locals, both local cops, federales, army, crooks, cartels, etc.

I don’t expect any trouble, as we will be in and out within 2-3 hours, and I know what I want, and we already have some good intro footage.  But, as I have learned the past couple years resarching down there, it’s always best to be safe…

I hope the “escort” is not a “minder” who will tell us what we can andc cannot shoot…

I was hoping to interview the American women who street walk there, as Mexican law would not apply to them, but they only come out at night, and are more rare down there these days.

There’s a barber in Zona Norte I may get a haircut from, and shoot that. Best $5 hair cuts in all of Mexico!


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