Kermit Succumbs to Swine Flu; Body Found in Tijuana

dead-kermitMay 1st: The body of the revered Muppet was found in a Tijuana alley known as La Choulia in the Zona Norte district. Early reports suggest he succumbed to an especially virulent case of the H1N1 variant of influenza, commonly known as swine flu. No suspects. Miss Piggy missing. Parents urged to keep their Muppets indoors until further notice.


5 Responses to “Kermit Succumbs to Swine Flu; Body Found in Tijuana”

  1. 1groggyblogger Says:

    Too funny! Good job!

  2. hi my name is cristina, i’m currently working on a presentation for my sociology class about the correlation between the sex trade in mexico & the united states.
    i was wondering if it was okay to use that teaser you made of your complete film in my presentation. i would definitely cite you & everything.
    by the way, nice work! :]

  3. His last words “That f“`ing pig told me she was clean”………….

  4. Callejero Says:

    La Coahuila.

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