This blog chronicles, from beginning to end, and whatever else, the making of a short documentary film about the lives of the subaltern people in Tijuana’s red light district known as Zona Norte.

This project is an extension of the ethnography written by Michael Hemmingson, ZONA NORTE, part of the requirement for his Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, and his article about violence in Tijuana over the years in the San Diego Reader, which is being expanded as a narrative book.


One Response to “About”

  1. Tony Baker Says:

    Hi. I live in TJ. I have been reading over your blog , and its interesting BUT I want to point out that something you said is incorrect. You mentioned the TJ police being paid potatoes, or whatever you said, BUT I am not sure where you get your info from, BUT TJ police are the HIGHEST paid Municipal police in the entire country of Mexico. They have the best equipment, and best infrastructure also.

    Just feel if you are mentioning these police, and why or why not they rob people, you should know , it is NO LONGER the pay the receive, its long lived habits and easy money. Many rich people are also thieves, look at madoff!
    Just wanted to claify this

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